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Lemmings Revolution
Walkthrough by Sally Cort

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Webmaster's Notes
I'd like to thank Sally Cort for forwarding this excellent walkthrough to me!

Unfortunately, I am personally unable to provide further help on Lemmings Revolution as I don't own the game yet. (I've been unable to find it here in Australia. I'm looking at importing it) Questions on the game should be posted in alt.lemmings while corrections/suggestions should be forwarded to Sally Cort (details below)

If anyone has written walkthroughs for the first 4 level columns, I'd be grateful if you could forward them to me (details below).

This walkthrough is not presented in Lem.Net's usual format for the reason that offline, I'm doing a lot of work on a "new" Lem.Net, integrating all Lem.Net services into one site. This new site isn't finished yet, so I've coded this walkthrough in a simple format, to make it more easily integratable into the new site.

For those who are looking for more level codes/hints for other games, I suggest you take a look at the Hints section of The LemNet Chronicles.

Author's Notes
With considerable help from Per Andersson, particularly for levels 7.3, 11.8, 11.12, 12.10, 12.11 plus hints for others. kanisdragon (don't know your proper name) - levels 10.11, 11.7, 12.9, 12.11. Also Andy Bailey for level 9.5.

Here is my walkthrough for the game. Levels are numbered by the column they are in and the position in the column e.g. 11.5, 7.6 etc. I have started the walkthrough at level 5.1 - if you are having problems with levels before this, then perhaps you should think twice about continuing with the game!! This is by no means the definitive walkthrough - just some of the ways you might complete levels. If you have completed a level a totally different way and you think it's better than my solution, please let me know. Any other feedback (apart from abuse!) would also be welcome.

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