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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

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Level 11.1 Which Switch is Which?
Needed - 48/50, Saved - 48

Make the first 3 lems climbers and floaters. Make lem 1 a blocker when he falls to the ground by the balloon. The next lem will turn left - build up over the gap up to the trapped lemmings. Blow up the blocker. Meanwhile, watch the lem on the left. Turn him by building before he reaches the switch on the platform, then bash through the wall. Build at the edge to turn him and again at the other edge, so he now hits this switch. Increase the release rate to 99. The other lems now go to the balloon. Blow up the remaining lem.

Level 11.2 When Two Tribes go to War
Needed - 18/20, Saved - 18

Make the first acid lem a blocker and the next a floater, who falls left. The next lem should block. As the floater is walking right, make him a climber and when he reaches the ledge, bash through the 1-way wall. Build twice at the edge. When he is past the second 1-way wall, build to turn him, then bash through. When about two thirds of the way down the staircase, build to turn him. Again, build to turn him after the 1-way wall, then mine down and bash through to the water lems. Blow up the blockers to release the lems at the top. Make sure the acid lem doesn't reach the water - stop bashing before he breaks through. Then use a water lem to bash through to the path he has made.

Level 11.3 Bash Street Kids
Needed - 64/70, Saved - 67

Make the first acid lem a climber and floater. Make the first water lem a blocker. When the climber reaches the gap, build over the gap and bash through the wall to the gate. Make a water lem a blocker just at the wall at the left then bomb him. The water lems will now walk to the balloon, tripping the gate in the process. Back at the top - make a climber going right and when at the top of the wall, dig down. Block him and bomb him at ground level. When they reach the bridge, dig down. Explode the last blocker before they reach him. Turn the remaining climber by mining to the metal before the water.

Level 11.4 Let's get those fingers moving
Needed - , Saved -

Make lem 1 a floater, lem 2 should mine right and lem 3 should mine left to trap the rest. Lem 1 should build left from just after the overhand at the bottom - on the green line. When he turns, build up to the overhang. Now make all the lems climbers. Use a bridge to free those at the top.

Level 11.5 Something Fishy!
Needed - 12/15, Saved - 15

Make the 5 lems on the right into floaters as they fall, and the first a climber too. The lems on the left - build left from the edge of the fourth step from the top. Then bash through. Make a climber climb up the metal and bash through to the switch. Now take the a lem on the right and bash through to the left. At the top again, build up to the metal wall. Then mine down to the bottom. The five at the bottom need to use the last bridge to build over the gap to join the others.

Level 11.6 T is for Teamwork
Needed - 2/2 , Saved - 2

Lem 1 goes right, lem 2 goes left. Slow down lem 1 by building. Turn lem 2 by building just as he reaches the switch, then build over the gap that appears. Make him a climber and floater. When he falls to the metal platform, build up to the switch. Let him make his way to the bottom switch, where he's trapped. Back to lem 1 - make him a climber and floater. He makes his way to the bottom, then heads left - build over the small gap at the base of the stairs before the accelerator. He hits the anti-grav pad and turns upside down. Now dig through so he goes to the next anti-grav pad and turns the right way up. Build over the gap, then go into the teleporter. He emerges to the left, trips the gate - immediately build up to the next gate. He should climb up and reach the balloon. Lem 2 should now bash the block and head through the teleporter. When he emerges to the left, build over the gap. He passes through the accelerator - when he's above the gate mine down so that he trips the gate and reaches the balloon.

Level 11.7 Don't let them out!
Needed - 40/50, Saved - 47

Slow the release rate to 1. Let lem 1 drop, make lem 2 build at the edge. Make lem 3 a floater. When lem 1 is walking over the water, dig down. When lem 3 reaches this hole, build across. Make lem 4 a blocker a few steps up the bridge. Lem 2 reaches the switch at the top and should open the wall just as both weasels are walking left - they both fall down the hole and drown. Lem 3 should reach the bottom safely. Mine until just under the arrows, then bash through. Build to stop bashing when he's clear of the block, then block and bomb him. This should make a hole clear through. Blow up the blocker at the top and increase the release rate to 99. When they reach the hole left by the bomber at the bottom, build up and they should walk to the balloon. Bring home the lem left at the top by making him a climber going left, and then turning him with a bridge.

Level 11.8 Speedy Gonzalez
Needed - 52/53, Saved - 52

Ignore the lem on the far right - he will reach the balloon. Make the first lem from the middle a blocker on the moveable metal platform. Make the first lem at the top a blocker too. Lem 2 from the middle will head left. Immediately he emerges from the last accelerator, build up twice to the switch. The other blocker will now fall and join him in the tank. Blow up the blocker at the top. Build out of the tank on the left and they will fall down and when they reach the far right, mine through.

Level 11.9 Goonies
Needed - 48/50, Saved - 48

Slow the release rate to 1. Lem 1 builds at the edge. Slow lem 2 down by building. Make lem 1 a blocker after 8 or so steps. Make a climber and floater go left. After he lands, let him walk under the first platform, then dig down and build so he turns and trips the switch - he'll now die. Blow up the blocker and increase the release rate to 99.

Level 11.10 Lemming be thy name...
Needed - 51/60, Saved - 51

Make the first lem at the top a climber and floater, and also the last one. All the rest will die. When lem 1 is just over half way up the slope after the 1-way wall, mine down so he goes through the teleporter, with the other climber close behind. When they emerge, make the second a blocker, so all the other lems will go to the balloon. Blow up the blocker.

Level 11.11 'Tanks' a lot
Needed - 76, Saved - 76

Ignore the water lems. The lone lem hits the switch which releases the shredder - but it shouldn't hit him. When he reaches the gap it has made, build over. Build again twice from the top of the ramp. Stop building by bashing. Make him a climber and floater. He climbs to the top and trips the gate. Build to turn him, then when he lands, build again over the gap.

Level 11.12 Two laps finale
Needed - 50/50, Saved - 50

Make lem 1 a floater, lem 2 a blocker. Lem 1 builds over the gap at the bottom, starting 1 line away from the edge. When he turns back, build up to the left, starting about half way along the platform. Build until he hits his head and turns, then build up to the right starting about a third of the way down the bridge. He then heads down the steps - build again to the balloon, starting on the fifth step from the bottom. To free the blocker, make him a bomber. At the end of the countdown, just before he explodes, make him mine - he will not explode, and will walk on, freeing the rest. (An alternative to this is to make lem 2 build a few steps, then block. To free him, make another lem mine the stairs.)

Level 11.13 The Diving Board
Needed - 98/100, Saved - 98

Make the first water lem on the right a blocker. Normal lems - make one of the last build over the gap, then build back left. Make the first water lem to reach the left edge a blocker. Make the normal lem a climber - he will hit the switch and carry on walking - just before he reaches the balloon, bash through the wall. Blow up the left water lem blocker and they will fall into the tank and walk to the balloon. Nuke the last blocker.