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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

The Solutions (by level columns)
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Level 8.1 Bounce around the world!
Needed - 46/50, Saved - 48

Make the first lem going left a digger. Put a blocker behind him and also block the lems going right from the other exit. Make the digger a floater. He will fall and turn back. Make him build underneath the hole to catch the others. Start building when he is under the edge of the metal above. Blow up the right blocker, so the lems fall onto the bridge and walk left. Dig through the bridge so that when they walk back, they don't have too far to fall. Nuke the remaining blocker.

Level 8.2 Lock In
Needed - 11/14, Saved - 11

After the first normal lem lands, increase the release rate to 99. Have the first water lem build from the third dark line before the teleporter. Build again. Make him a floater. When he lands, make him build up to the platform, starting on the line which has a dark line in the earth underneath it. After he builds once let him walk on. You'll lose one of the other lems behind him. Make the first one a floater just before he hits the ground.. Make him build at the top of the first bridge. Make the last lem a floater. Slow him down by making him build. Make both these lems climbers. Make the first a bomber just as he finishes building - he should climb, explode and make a gap for the other to climb through. Keep an eye on the first lemming. He should build at the edge of the acid until he hits his head and turns. The climber now trips the gate and falls. Between these 2 you now have to build up to the platform, and then up to the balloon. Finally, explode the leading lem of the pack as he starts to walk left - the others will fall through the hole and walk to the balloon.

Level 8.3 Under and Up
Needed - 48/60, Saved - 58

Build twice starting about 5 rivets from the teleporter so that the lems fall into the tank. Forget about the 2 at the bottom. To get out of the tank, build again about 5 rivets from the edge. They go through the teleporter and fall - build from the left back up to the teleporter. They'll all reach the balloon except the 2 at the bottom.

Level 8.4 Nice shootin tex!
Needed - 42/50, Saved - 42

Make the first lem at the bottom build 1 or 2 paces after the metal strip. Make the one behind a blocker. Continue building until he hits the moveable platform - he should now turn and head back down the stairs (only if you have started building at the correct spot). Build underneath the hanging metal wall to provide a landing spot for the others above. Blow up the blocker. After 5 lems have died, the moveable platform lets the others home. Make a blocker at the very right hand edge of the wooden section for the topmost lemmings then explode it. Do the same again so they walk through and head for the balloon.

Level 8.5 Water way to go
Needed - 25/30, Saved - 29

Make the first normal lem punch through the wall, and the second a blocker. When he reaches the other side of the water tank, build up and over the metal wall. He will hit the switch, walk over the second tank. Before he reaches the second switch, dig down and when he falls, build so he turns. Bash through the wall and make him a climber so that he reaches the switch. Release the other lems by exploding the blocker. As they reach the hole before the second switch, build over it so that they trip the switch. This will release the water lems who will reach their balloon through the teleporter.

Level 8.6 Quick as you can!
Needed - 96/101, Saved - 99

2 lems fall out of the first exit - make the first a blocker immediately. Make the second a floater just before he hits the ground. Make him dig through the thin green ledge. Meanwhile, as the others walk left on the second block, bash through to the left so they have further to walk. Make the first lem bash through the wall then make him a bomber before the switch so that he trips it then explodes. The others now fall into the tank. Increase the release rate to 99 and use the 2 bridges to build them out.

Level 8.7 Watch out! Evil about!
Needed - 45/50, Saved - 49

Make lem 2 a blocker. Lem 1 should build at the dark green block up to the wooden section of wall. Bash through, then build again. He turns and when he gets back to the top of the bridge again, extend it by one step, so that next time he returns he lands on the block below. Build up to the hanging block so he turns, then build up to the switch. He should trip the switch which brings out the moveable steps. Mine through this bridge and then use more bridges to get over the wall and then across to the steps. Blow up the blocker to release the others. Alternative solution from Per: Increase the release rate to 99. Make lem 1 a blocker at the end of the platform. The second lemming to turn around should be made a blocker when all others have walked by him, leaving one lemming to the left (with as much space as possible). This single lemming should start building up to the left wall when turning around at the blocker, bash through and immediately build again, repeating the procedure at the next wall, he will reach the balloon. Now build over the left blocker to free the crowd.

Level 8.8 Take Her to Warp Speed Captain
Needed - 12/25, Saved - 23

Bash through the wall. Slow down lem 2 by bashing air. Trip the switch just before the water on the left. The wall moves and they turn. The first one falls and trips the next switch and dies. Make the next lem a climber so he goes up and through the teleporter. Dig down at the purple block and when he's walking left dig down through the last platform. After he speeds up, dig or mine to avoid the shredder. Use bridges to get the rest up to the teleporter.

Level 8.9 Bridges
Needed - 48/53, Saved - 50

Make the first normal lem a blocker almost immediately and increase the release rate to 99. Make the first acid lem a climber and when he lands the other side of the 1-way block, mine so he hits metal and turns. He trips the switch and should then bash the block. Hopefully at least one of the acid lems will sink to the bottom and trip the switch - sometimes they just carry on walking at the top. The climber will climb out - when he is near to the bottom of the ramp, build a bridge for the others to fall on. Blow up the blocker. You will need another blocker after they fall to turn them round. Nuke remaining lems.

Level 8.10 Walk the plank ... or join the crew?
Needed - 75/100, Saved - 96

Make the first lem at the bottom a blocker soon after landing. Increase the release rate to 80 at the top, then make lem 1 a blocker just before the accelerator. Make lem 3 a blocker to trap lem 2 between them (they should be as close together as possible). At the bottom make 1 lem a climber and floater. Build twice over the lava. He falls and walks up the steps - near to the top, bash through underneath the teleporter. Then mine and build to turn him and build back up to the teleporter so he enters it from the left. When he reappears at the top, build up over the wall and bash through the 1-way wall. Now make 2 climbers and floaters at the bottom. When the first lands, block then use the second to bash through the 1-way wall. Explode the blocker. These lems will now join those at the top. At the top - explode the first blocker so that lem 2 will walk right just as the moveable gate goes back. You need to make the blocker a bomber after the weasel hits the switch whilst walking left - about 3 rivets from the left wall. This lem speeds up and trips the gate which will release the weasel. Once the weasel has walked right and hit the switch for the last time, explode the second blocker to allow all the rest to reach the balloon.