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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

The Solutions (by level columns)
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Level 6.1 The Iron Curtain
Needed - 20/30, Saved - 29

Make lem 1 a floater and climber and lem 2 a blocker at the edge of the first platform. When lem 1 climbs the high wall, then falls back down onto the metal step, build twice for the others to land on. Climb up the wall on the right and mine then dig through the levels. Flick the switch and bash going right, to the balloon. Blow up the blocker and the others will walk to the balloon.

Level 6.2 Make Mine a Large One
Needed - 25/30, Saved - 29

Make the first lem build twice at the second rivet from the end. Make lem 2 a blocker. Make lem 1 a climber - he climbs the wall, turns and heads right. Now mine back down to meet the stairs. Then dig and mine through to balloon. Blow up the blocker.

Level 6.3 Now you're stalking
Needed - 49/50, Saved - 49

Make lem 1 a climber and floater, make lem 2 dig down to next level. Put a blocker at the left. Have the climber build a the edge of the platform, so he doesn't go into the balloon. Dig down into the area between the 1-way walls and bash right. Build over the gap and then when he turns around, build up to each platform. Fall between the walls again and bash left to release the others. When at this point again, build over the gap. Blow up the blocker.

Level 6.4 Escape to victory
Needed - 40/45, Saved - 44

Lem 1 should build up to the first platform. Lem 2 should mine and bash down to hit metal. Bash through the bridge so none can follow lem 1. Have lem 1 mine through the platform above the water so that the weasels will be killed. Bash through to the home.

Level 6.5 Let's play 'catch'
Needed - 5/10, Saved - 7

Make lems 1 and 3 climbers. Make lem 1 a bomber when between log 8 and log 9 at the top, make lem 2 a bomber just before this point. Make 2 more climbers. Make the first a bomber at the top of log 8 - there should now be a hole for the following climber to fall through - make him a floater. When he turns, build a bridge to catch the others. Make all the rest into climbers going right.

Level 6.6 Two sides to every story
Needed - 40/50, Saved - 44

Make water lem 1 a builder at the edge and water lem 2 a blocker. The normal lems walk and go upside down - put a blocker at the end of the second platform and the third platform and the fourth platform so that they head towards the left. Bash through the 1-way walls to free the water lems. Build across the gap back right and put a blocker behind the builder. When the builder lands on the second platform, make him a blocker. Meanwhile water lem 1 must turn so build on the second platform and build over the gap between 3 and 4. Bash through the walls. He and the other water lems go to the bottom. Now build a bridge over the blocker at the top for the normal lems to reach their balloon. Nuke the blockers.

Level 6.7 Wood you believe it?
Needed - 45/50, Saved - 47

Normal lems - dig down from the top platform and put a blocker right at the end of platform 2. Have the last but 2 water lem be a blocker so that 2 walk back. Slow the second one down by 'bashing air' 3 times. The first one trips the switch and walks back, tripping it again. After the second hits the switch, block and explode him. The first one builds a bridge for the others to land on. In the tank, build twice out. Explode the blockers.

Level 6.8 Wheelbarrows of Doom
Needed - 98/100, Saved - 98

Before you start, slow down the release rate to 1. Make lem 1 build from the fourth step from the bottom. Slow down the others behind if necessary, by making them build. Speed up the release rate to 99. As they fall off each platform at the top, build to the next. When over the balloon, make a blocker and explode him. Do the same again to make a hole to fall through.