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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

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Level 7.1 Designed with love
Needed - 85/99, Saved - 98

Lem 1 builds - look at the logs above and start building between the sixth and seventh from the right. Make lem 2 a blocker. Build three times up to the next platform. When lem 1 walks along second platform and drops 1 step, build up to the next platform. He turns around - build up to the logs. Increase release rate to 99. Meanwhile, build up to the wall at the left of the balloon. Make a climber/floater - he will trip the gate, empty the pool, then trip the gate in the pool. When lem 1 has started to build up to the logs, blow up the blocker. The climber/floater will end up upside down - you should be able to guide him to the balloon too.

Level 7.2 Penelope Lem Stop
Needed - 32/32, Saved - 32

Increase the release rate to about 80. The lem to the right should mine down so that he turns. Let the left lem go (ignore him) - make both floaters.. When the right lem turns, goes upside down and drops down to the wooden platform, mine down. He turns, bash through 1-way wall - after a couple of bashes, mine. Make him a climber. Should just about release the lever before the grinder kills the other lemmings.

Level 7.3 How do we get up there!
Needed - 50/50, Saved - 50

Make lem 1 a climber and increase the release rate to 99. When he lands, dig then mine until just under the moveable wall, then bash. Build to stop bashing once he is through. Build again to turn him right again. The other lems should build up to the wall. Lem 1 walks right - build at the metal just before the platform. He lands on the platform - after a couple of steps build again up to the right. Other lems - build to get up step. Lem 1 turns left - build again up to the platform. The other lems should just about make it before the gate closes and time runs out.

Level 7.4 There's only one way down!
Needed - 10/25, Saved - 24

Make lem 1 a blocker then lem 2 mines down when half way across the wood. Increase the release rate to 99 - too easy!

Level 7.5 What a Fantastic Pair of Birds
Needed - 20/20, Saved - 20

First lem right mines just after the exit. Lem 2 walks left and mines just before the lever. Lem 3 mines left before the exit. Lem 2 finishes mining and builds up to the hanging wall, then bashes through. Then he mines almost to the bottom, bashes, then digs down by the balloon. Meanwhile build a bridge to free the others.

Level 7.6 The Lone Ranger
Needed - 90/100, Saved - 96

Make lem 1 build so he turns. Make him a floater just before he hits the ground. He turns, walks right - build up to the metal for the others to fall on. Now make a bomber about 8 or 9 rivets before each wall to clear a way through.

Level 7.7 Swarthy Seadogs!
Needed - 99/100, Saved - 100

Lem 1 mines. Lem 2 turns, pulls the lever, now make him a climber and floater. Lem 3 turns and just before ground level, make him bash so that all the lems are walking with their heads just below ground level. Speed the release rate to 99. Meanwhile, lem 2 falls to the ground. Mine to turn him, and build a bridge for the others to land on. He falls to the bottom - again mine, build a bridge for the others. He turns - build over the mine shaft and then over the lever. Build a bridge to free the others when it is safe - i.e. the shredder is not around and then build them out of the tank.

Level 7.8 Build 'em up... then bring em down
Needed - 45/50, Saved - 48

Lem 1 digs down at the far right edge. Lem 2 and lem 3 should be made blockers to hold back the rest. Lem 1 digs down about two/thirds of the way, then builds 3 times to land on the second metal block. Build again twice, then dig down to land on the third block. Build again twice and dig to land on the last block. Dig at the edge and build over to the wood. Blow up lem 2 to release the others and blow up lem 3 at the end.

Level 7.9 Love train boogie
Needed - 25/25, Saved - 25

Lem 1 builds and turns, make him a climber. Ignore the rest. When he climbs up, build just before the tank to turn him, then build over the gap. Now bash and build alternately until he reaches the end. Make him a floater. When he turns left and passes the balloon, dig down. Bash through the 1-way wall, then build to turn him.