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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

The Solutions (by level columns)
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Level 10.1 Topsy Turvy
Needed - 98/100, Saved - 99

Lem 1 at the bottom builds twice 2 rivets after the patch of snow. He and 2 others can now build to the left and reach the anti-grav pad (you may need to slow the other 2 by building). Walk to the left and dig through the snow, then dig again to the left of the lever. When on the ceiling make the first a blocker and the other 2 climbers. Make the first into a bomber as he starts climbing to make a hole for the other to climb through. He will turn the right way up and should build to the left to catch the others. Use a bridge to release the rest. Let them hit the switch to disable the anti-grav pads, then dig down and when they reach the bridges at the bottom, dig through. Nuke the blocker.

Level 10.2 The Legend of Smelly Belly
Needed - 15/15, Saved - 15

Make lem 1 build twice just after the metal strip hidden in the grass. Make 1 lem a climber and floater. He goes through the gate then climbs - build up to the next gate. This one lets out 5 more lems. Dig through the bridge at the bottom and build over the metal wall. Have the last lem repair the bridge then carry on building until he reaches the gate at the top. Meanwhile, the lem over on the right walks back down his bridge - build to turn him then dig down. When he reaches ground level dig down - this will be a trap for the bottom weasel. The lem now on the top level does the same and should also end up on the ground going right. When he trips the top gate and frees more lems, make sure they dig through the bridge so as not to follow him. Now take one of the trapped lems at the bottom and make him a climber going right. After he walks through the gate, build up and as soon as he reaches the metal dig down. He will now reach the balloon. The weasel will follow and be trapped. Make another climber go right and build over the trap. Now build to make the others follow.

Level 10.3 Where's Carol Vorderlem?
Needed - 4/10, Saved - 10

Lem 1 mines almost immediately, lem 2 is a floater. Make the third a floater too, he goes left and lem 4 should mine left just to the left of the exit. When the miners are level with the top two gates, bash through. 3 lems end up trapped each side. The floaters end up in the middle on the top moveable platform - make each a climber going in opposite directions. Meanwhile use the 2 lems left in the middle to dig and bash through to the lower 2 gates. These must be tripped before the other lems reach the top. When the floaters land on the ground, build up to the walls for the others to land on. Climb up each side to the top 1-way walls and bash through. When the climbers are on the ground again, build over the anti-grav pads so they can climb back up and bash through to rescue the last 2 trapped lems. When they reach these bridges again, dig through them. When they reach the top anti-grav pad, they will fall all the way down and into the balloon.

Level 10.4 Use the Force Lem...
Needed - 99/100, Saved - 99

Decrease the release rate down to 1. Make the first 2 lems floaters. The next 2 should both mine when about half way up the ramps. When both floaters reach the metal strips at the bottom, build up to the platform with the switch. Lem 2 should just trip the switch before the others fall down. Lem 1 walks over, turns and walks right again - now bash through the bridge and let him walk on. There should be 2 lems close behind him - make the first dig down just by the bottom switch. The second should walk on. The digger should just make it through to the ground before any more arrive. They should now all fall and walk right. Increase the release rate to 99. Put a blocker on the far right platform so that they all walk up to the balloon.

Level 10.5 Scale that wall...
Needed - 46/50, Saved - 47/48

Make lem 1 build at the end of the metal and make lem 2 a blocker. Lem 3 should build left up to the teleporter. When he emerges and lands, build again immediately. He flips the switch and all but 2 should now be trapped here. Of the 2 going left, let them go through the anti-grav pad then block so that one heads right. Build across the gap. He should trip the switch to free the weasel. Now go back to lem 1 - he should be made a climber and floater as the weasel is walking left. Build at the top. He should hit the switch then climb the wall and bash through to the balloon. Free the others by bashing through a bridge. Nuke the blockers.

Level 10.6 Going in all directions
Needed - 44/50, Saved - 48

Make lem 1 a floater and climber and lem 3 a blocker. Lem 2 should build at the edge, then across the next gap and then again back and forth to get over the wall. Meanwhile, lem 1 should build up to the switch and trip it then walk on and die. Blow up the blocker to allow the others to reach the balloon.

Level 10.7 Rocket Science
Needed - 30/50, Saved - 50

Make a climber going left. Build about half way across the top so that he completes the gap then heads right. Just before the gate, mine down then bash underneath. He should have no earth above him. Turn him by building and when he gets back to his bridge on the left, build again to turn him. Mine down to the others and when he comes back up, again build to turn him and build over the mined path. Now he heads right again - when half way across the tank build and continue to build until he hits the block then turns.. Turn him back by building again. Bash through the wall and through the small wall near the balloon. Meanwhile, build the others out of the hole.

Level 10.8 Time is of the essence!
Needed - 48/50, Saved - 48

Make lem 2 and lem 3 blockers a short distance from one another. Lem 1 should then build across the gaps - for the first four gaps, don't build right at the edge, but start a couple of paces before the edge. At platform 6, build twice, starting one pace before the edge. This lem should then land on the small top platform before falling onto the bottom platform. From here, build up to the balloon. When just over 1 minute is left on the timer, explode lem 2 to free the rest, then explode the last blocker.

Level 10.9 Odd Jobs
Needed - 99/100, Saved - 100

Make a climber and floater going right. When he gets to the far right, mine to the metal to turn him. He will climb the steps and flick the switch at the top, rejoin the rest and now climb left. When he reaches the far left, mine to the metal and when he turns, mine again to the tank. As he reaches the 1-way wall, bash for a bit, then dig and when he gets to the right, bash. Now release the others - dig down then mine right.

Level 10.10 Reduce and Simmer
Needed - 16/20, Saved - 18

Make the first lem a blocker just at the last platform. Make lem 2 a blocker on the left before the shredder. Build right, just before the switch. Make a hole in the bridge so the others can't follow. Keep building until he falls onto a platform, then build from the last platform to the ground by the balloon. Mend the hole in the bridge and blow up the blockers.

Level 10.11 Waste not, want not. part 2
Needed - 10/10, Saved - 10

Make the first lem a climber and floater. When he gets to the fourth rivet from the edge, mine down so he turns. The last lem should just get through before he hits the switch again, When near the moveable door, build - he should turn, carry on building and head right. Slow him down by digging or bashing air so that the other lems are all through before he hits the switch again. He turns again - build over the switch. He will now climb and reach the gate over on the left. Mine to turn him then he'll head for the balloon. The others should reach it too.

Level 10.12 Touch the ground turn around
Needed - 19/20, Saved - 19

Increase the release rate to 99. Make lem 19 a blocker and then bomber. Lem 20 should turn. When on the last step of the slope, start building. He should just reach the top before the others catch up.