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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

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Level 12.1 Green with Envy
Needed - 15/15, Saved - 15

Let acid lem 1 walk right, acid lem 2 should dig down to trap the rest - build to stop him. The normal lems - dig down with the first and build to stop him. Water lems - first walks right, make him a climber. The second should mine so the others will turn left. Bash through the wall and they walk to the balloon. When acid lem 1 reaches the ground, build up to the metal platform. He will walk to the balloon. When water lem 1 reaches this bridge, mine through it. Make an acid lem a climber going right, then dig down so he goes into the acid, trips the gate to cover it, then goes through the teleporter to the balloon. Now make all other trapped lems into climbers going right and they will follow him to the balloon.

Level 12.2 Anger, Love, Hate
Needed - 40/50, Saved - 49

Make lem 1 a climber and floater and lem 2 should build twice, just before half way along the ground. Lem 3 should also build about three quarters of the way along, in order to minimise the drop. When lem 4 walks back right to the ledge - build to close the gap, slowing down any behind by building.. Meanwhile, when lem 1 reaches the top of the wall, build twice. He falls to the metal platform - build up until he turns. Then build left of the switch so he will turn back and hit it. Make another climber and bomb him so that he makes a hole in the bridge at the top of the wall. Now finish the first bridge so the rest can go over the wall.

Level 12.3 All in ...
Needed - 51/51, Saved - 51

When they reach the steps going down on the right, dig down, then mine left through the wall. Make lem 1 a climber and floater. Bash through the wall and build over the gap just before the tank. He turns - bash through the 1-way wall. He climbs back up right - bash through the wall so he falls to the switch which releases the bottom lem. When the bottom lem reaches the tank, build up and then across to the teleporter. Use a bridge to free the others.

Level 12.4 LEMTRIS
Needed - 50/50, Saved - 50

Once you've got over the shock - just click away!

Level 12.5 No clues... hee hee hee hee!
Needed - 40/50, Saved - 45

Lem 1 should build left twice, starting just left of the exit. Then bash through the wall. Once through, make lems 2, 4 and 6 into blockers. Lem 1 should mine down 2 lines before the metal. When he turns and heads down the steps, build a bridge for the others to land on. Then mine down to the next set of steps to make a pathway for the weasels. When he gets back to the top again, bash through the wall - the weasels will kill him. Once they have passed the lems at the top, blow up lem 2. Lem 3 heads left - when he gets to the ramp just before the metal, mine on the third step from the top, then build. He dies. Now when the weasels come back, they should fall onto the block and trip the gate at the bottom. Blow up lem 4. Lem 5 should build a bridge over the hole before the balloon. Blow up lem 6 to release the rest.

Level 12.6 Last one to the top...
Needed - 29/30, Saved - 29

Let lem 1 walk on, but lem 2 should bash about 4 steps from the top of the ramp to stop the others following. Put a blocker at the bottom of the metal steps. When lem 1 reaches the edge of the sixth step down on the right, build up to the gate. After he passes through the gate, build to turn him. When he gets to the gap on the stairs, build up. He should fall down the gap between the first 2 steps. Bash through the wall. He trips the gate and dies. Release the other lems by building up the ramp - don't build too high (stop the builder by bashing). They will walk home. Release the blocker by bombing him, but before he explodes, make him mine. Turn him by building. (An alternative to making this blocker, is to build across the gap at the end of the metal stairs on the left. Slow down those behind by bashing, building etc.)

Level 12.7 The Long and Winding Road
Needed - 5/20, Saved - 20

Make lem 1 build across the gap, and lem 2 a floater. When lem 1 reaches the first flat section, dig down then mine. Stop mining by building and mine left. Increase the release rate to 99. Meanwhile, lem 2 goes upside down and lands on the bridge. Make him a climber, so he walks upside down past the balloon. Dig up and he should end up in the balloon. Back to the others - make the last one build across the gap, let the others fall. Make the builder mine down after crossing the gap so he ends up at the bottom with the rest. They should now all reach the balloon.

Level 12.8 Just you wait
Needed - 98/100, Saved - 98

Make lem 1 dig down immediately he reaches the dirt ramp on the right. Make him a floater. Make lem 2 a blocker. Make lem 3 a floater and let him walk. Make lem 4 a blocker just left of the exit. Lem 1 falls and walks right. When he reaches the single step before the trunk on the far right, build up twice and make him a climber, so when he turns round, he heads left. Bash through the wall after the far left switch. Meanwhile, make lem 3 a climber while heading right. Lem 2 should go through the teleporters, flick the switch and reach the balloon. When lem 3 reaches the top of the metal wall just left of the hole dug by lem 1, build once for the others to land on. Blow up the blockers (or save them using the 'make them do something before they explode' strategy) and the rest will follow him home.

Level 12.9 Turn on! Tune in! Switch on!
Needed - 94/100, Saved - 95

Decrease the release rate on both exits to 1. Lem 1 going right mines as soon as he reaches dirt. Make lem 1 going left a blocker just left of the dirt to the left of the first exit. When lem 2 turns, mine down through the dirt. Back on the right, let 3 lems go through then make the fourth a blocker. Let the first 2 go through the anti-grav pad, but the third should build at the second rivet of the tank, so he missed the pad. Make the first 2 into climbers. Back on the left - when the miner breaks through and falls make him a blocker almost immediately. Increase the release rate to 99 on both exits. When lem 3 reaches the wall, bash through it. Lems 1 and 2 climb - just before the switch, make lem 1 a blocker so lem 2 turns and falls down a level - now build. Lem 3 will fall onto this bridge, then flip the switch. Now dig down to the next level. He flips the switch - dig down again. He flips the last switch - now bash through the wall and make him a climber and floater. He reaches the anti-grav pad - the instant he lands on the ceiling, make the blocker holding the rest back a bomber. With luck, the timing should be such that as lem 3 hits each switch, they all land on the platforms. When they reach the tank before the balloon, use a bridge to get out. Nuke the remaining blockers.

Level 12.10 My friend the end
Needed - 49/50, Saved - 50

Make lem 1 a floater just before he lands, also lem 2. When lem 1 turns to walks right again, build once. Make lem 3 a floater. Then make a climber and floater go right and increase the release rate to 99. Watch the climber and the lone lem on the right. When the lone lem reaches the line in the metal just before the switch, build and after 9 or 10 steps, bash so he doesn't turn. Meanwhile climber 1 should emerge from the teleporter and fall onto the platform - build up. Make the lone lem a floater - watch him and blow him up after he hits the switch at the bottom. When climber 1 heads back down his bridge, build up to the teleporter, then make another climber and floater go right from the other lems. When climber 1 emerges from the teleporter, build up a couple of paces from the edge. He should then turn and head back through the teleporter. Climber 2 will climb the wall and fall - build up over the switch. Watch the timer - before 1:30 is left, build a second bridge to get the others out of the tank. When climber 1 reaches the wall before the balloon, build twice, starting at the metal block. When climber 2 follows, either dig down the small wall or bash through it. The other lems should catch up and just make it before time runs out. Alternative (and better solution) by Per : Increase the release rate to between 7 and 9. Make lem 1 a floater. Make lem 2 a floater and climber. Make lem 3 a floater. Now lem 1 is on his way back and when he turns around at the left wall make him build twice. Make lem 4 a floater. Increase the release rate to 99. Meanwhile lem 2 has pulled a lever and starts climbing a wall - when he falls down, make him build towards the teleporter. Make the lone lem on the right a floater - by the time he hits the switch which floods the tanks, the other lems should be safe. When lem 2 lands on the ledge, make him build. After the lone lem has tripped the switch at the bottom, blow him up. Lem 2 should build at the other end of the ledge, so he turns back left again. He goes through the teleporter and flips the switch so the others join him. He should then dig down the small wall, then build twice to reach the balloon, starting on the small metal block in the ground.

Level 12.11 My finest moment
Needed - 49/50, Saved - 50

Make lem 3 dig down just as he reaches the countdown timer, so he will hit the metal block below. Make lem 1 mine when he reaches the fourth line from the left wall. Lem 2 turns and should mine right on the line after the gap, so that he is aiming at the metal block. When lem 1 finishes mining, build before he falls When lem 2 is level with the other trapped lems, bash towards them. Increase the release rate to 99. Lem 1 falls onto the platform. When he is nearly at the end, mine down to create steps using the block underneath the platform. Bash through the wall, then build over the water. Alternative (but trickier)solution by Per : Increase the release rate to 30. Make lem 1 a miner before the door, so he hits the metal block and will turn. Lem 2 walks on. The next lemming to turn right should mine right when under the hatch, so he will also hit metal. Lem 2 heads right again and should dig just before he passes through the door. Increase the release rate to 99. Now the tricky part - make lem 2 a bomber so that when he falls out of the hole he is digging, the countdown reaches zero just at the moment he stands on the ground. At this moment, make him build and then build again. The remaining lems can now mine down to these stairs.

Level 12.12 Mission Impossible
Needed - 20/20, Saved - 20

Top right - dig down until almost at the metal, then bash left and bash again, then build up to the platform. Bottom right - a climber digs down the 2 walls then builds over the 1-way wall. Top left - build 2 bridges over the gaps. Bottom left - bash through both walls.

Level 12.13 Race Against Time
Needed - 45/45, Saved - 45

Make the lone faller a floater just before he hits the ground and build over the gap. Make him a climber. Make the first lem from the left a climber and floater. The second lem should mine right just after the centre right block and when the next lem heads left, mine just after the centre left block. The first climber should mine just underneath the stairs to turn him. The second climber should build up to the stairs. When the first climber heads left, mine down when about a third of the way along between the 2 metal blocks. Just after he starts mining, have a lem over on the left mine right, also about a third of the way along. When the climber reaches the bottom, build to turn him, then build up to the path he's mined. All should now follow him up to the balloon.

Level 12.14 It's Going to Take Time
Needed - 99/100, Saved - 99

The first lems going left and right should build, exactly at the edges. Make lems 1 and 2 going right into climbers and floaters. Put a blocker at the left edge of the platform. The climbers reach the top of the wall on the far right - lem 1 should mine just after the metal block, lem 2 should build just at the edge of this metal block. Lem 1 turns and heads left. Mine down to ground level. You will now need to switch back and forth between these 2 climbers. Lem 1 should dig down through the wall he climbs, then bash through the 1-way wall. Dig down the next wall, and bash through the wall with the switch on top. Dig down the next and also the last wall. The others can bash through the last 1-way wall. In the meantime, lem 2 climbs over the 1-way arch at the top. Walk into the tank with the switch at the right end, build to turn him at the switch, so he walks back, tripping the switch. Bash through both parts of the 1-way block, then build to turn him. Build up to the wall of the tank. Then, this time, build over the switch in the tank, so he doesn't touch it. Bash through the next set of 1-way walls. Build up to the next 2 walls and then bash through the next 1-way wall. Hit the switch then dig down and bash. By now, the others should be heading up the mined path on the start of their journey - use a bridge to get them out of the first tank. They should all reach the balloon, avoiding the shredder.