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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

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Level 9.1 Bamboo Maze
Needed - 48/50, Saved - 50

3 lems go through the moveable gate, the rest are trapped. Dig down twice then bash left to the switch. They all fall to the next level. Now use digging and bashing to take 2 lems left to the switch at the bottom left. Once they have tripped the switch bash through to the teleporter to the right and when they come out of the other teleporter, dig down to the balloon. Meanwhile take the third lem over to the switch on the right where he'll be trapped. The other lems fall - use digging to get them down to the same teleporter as the other 2. Watch the trapped lem - he will be released at one point and you can bash him out to join the rest.

Level 9.2 Can't Get There From Here
Needed - 49/50, Saved - 50

The first lem to fall mines after a few steps to land on the metal block. 2 should turn back - make them both climbers. When the ones on the right head left, mine towards the metal to stop them falling into the tank. The first climber climbs the small metal wall and should then dig down, then bash. The other one should mine right to stop him climbing back over this wall. When the first climber climbs the wall over on the left, make him a bomber so he makes a hole for the second climber to go through to reach the gate. As he turns back past the balloon, dig down then mine to make a path for the rest. Increase the release rate to 99. Use bridges to get the rest into the tank and then out again.

Level 9.3 Lemmings Four the Drop
Needed - 4/4, Saved - 4

Start with the first lem on the left. Dig down as he's walking right. He drops - build at the edge so he hits the wall and then walks to the balloon.. Now go to the third lem. Again dig as he's walking right and make him a floater. Build twice at the edge so he hits the moveable platform and turns. Build at the left edge, then at the next edge and the next. He trips the switch to move the platform. Lems 2 and 4 should now dig while walking left.

Level 9.4 Booby trap
Needed - 46/50, Saved - 49

Increase the release rate to 99. Make lem 1 a climber and floater. Bash through the wall, past the switch and back again to trip the switch. The others walk along the bottom to the teleporter and should reach the balloon before the weasels catch up (apart from lem 1).

Level 9.5 Hit 'n' Run
Needed - 10/11, Saved - 10

Make the lone lem on the right bash air 3 times in order to slow him down and let the others catch him up. They will all end up trapped upside down. Make a climber go left. When he reaches the top, build just before the anti-gravity pad so that he turns, then when he comes back he will walk over it and continue upside down. Just after he flicks the switch, block and bomb him so he can't flick it back again. Now use the rest of the climbers going right - they will all reach the balloon. There will be one lem left, who will walk left. Turn him by mining up to the metal and he will walk to the balloon.

Level 9.6 The high dive
Needed - 20/40, Saved - 38

Lem 1 falls then should dig on right just before the overhang. Make lem 2 a blocker before the hole. The next to go left should again dig down just before the overhang then bash. Build up to the metal. Put a blocker just before the acid. Make lem 1 a climber then bash and dig to trip the gate. The others should now continue to build up to the balloon. Increase the release rate to 99. The trapped climber should bash right to the balloon. Blow up the blockers.

Level 9.7 Battle O' Lemmuckburn
Needed - 43/50, Saved - 46

Decrease the release rate to about 15. Make lem 4 a blocker then increase the release rate to 99. Lem 1 should dig down for a bit then bash. While lem 3 is walking left, bash then dig down. Lem 2 should follow lem 1. Lem 3 should then dig down through the wooden floor to sacrifice himself to kill the weasel. The pool should now stay empty. Make lems 1 and 2 floaters, and lem 1 a climber. Lem 1 climbs out of the tank, hits the wall and when heading left again, should dig down a deep hole to trap the other weasel. Stop digging by building, and when he heads right again, bash through the wall - the weasel will kill him and end up in the hole. Now make lem 2 a climber and build over this hole. Bash through the next wall and trip the switch. Blow up the blocker at the top. Lem 2 climbs up and should be made a bomber to make a hole in the wall. When the other lemmings reach the tank, make one a climber. When he reaches the top by the balloon, mine to turn him then mine a path for the others to walk up. After he finishes mining, build to turn him, then build over the top mineshaft and head for balloon. Now build the others out of the tank.

Level 9.8 Feeling Gravity's Pull
Needed - 50/66, Saved - 60+

Increase the release rate of the middle 'trapped' lems to 99. You'll then need to switch between the left and right sets rapidly to do the same set of actions with each. Make the first lem on each side dig down when walking away from the water, then when he reaches the edge below, build to the wall. Bash then dig so they are now trapped under the water. Make one of the middle lems dig so they fall down a level. Back at the others on the left - make a climber going left. Bash through the wall then immediately build up to the anti-grav pad. While he is building, do the same with the lems on the right. Back on the left - the lem will trip the gate then rejoin the others and head left again. When he reaches the top of the bridge he built, mine down so he falls on the second block. He climbs up the small wall - dig down to level with the platform then build across. Do the same for the climber on the right. The lem on the left now goes through the teleporter and appears on the right. As he gets to the end of the metal, build to turn him. He walks to the anti-grav pad and turns upside down. Again, build at the end to turn him. He will now reach the switch and trip it. Do the same with the climber on the right. All the trapped lems in the middle will now reach the balloon. This gives you the required number, but you also be able to free the ones at the bottom using the remaining bridges. When they come through the teleporter, make sure to dig or mine after they pass over the anti-grav pads and you can then get them to the balloon.

Level 9.9 It's a hard life
Needed - 45/50, Saved - 47

Make the second to last lem on the right a blocker so that the last lem turns. Mine down to the bottom. Those on the left should dig down. Make the first lem a floater and the second a blocker to hold back the others. The floater should build when he lands, to turn him, then build bridges for the others to land on. Then dig through the bridges. Once the miner on the right reaches the bottom, make him a blocker to the left of these bridges to stop any lems heading left. Now use the floater to build up to the mined pathway. Blow up the blockers.

Level 9.10 Waste not want not. part I
Needed - 10/10, Saved - 10

Let 3 lems fall then increase the release rate to 99. Make lem 1 a climber and floater. He trips the switch then should mine about 5 rivets from the edge. He walks back and the others follow. When he lands, walk almost to the metal then dig down half way and then bash so he turns and climbs out but the rest are trapped. He should then dig down to land before the gate so he walks through it. He walks into the anti-grav pad and turns upside down. When he is half way across the wooden bridge, dig up. When he lands at the top of the screen, build to turn him. Then he walks left - build over the gap. While he is building, free the others by bashing right. The climber should now reach the other gate to the left of the exit and reach the balloon. When the others reach his bridge, mine through it and they should now also reach the balloon. NB - this is how I did it, but the solution for Waste not want not part 2 also works here!

Level 9.11 Ouch me head
Needed - 50/50, Saved - 50

Lem 1 mines about half way along the first section. Lem 2 walks on. Make lem 3 mine right. Make lem 2 a floater. Build just before the metal edge so he lands on the first platform. Then build twice. He lands, build to turn him then build up twice. He will then turn and head of the balloon. Use a bridge to free the others.