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Walkthrough by Sally Cort

The Solutions (by level columns)
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Level 5.1 The Abyss
Needed - 10/15, Saved - 14

Make each lem a floater as they fall. Build up to the ledge. Put a blocker at the left, then make each lem a climber. Nuke the blocker.

Level 5.2 Kriss Kross
Needed 20/30, Saved - 27

Make the first normal lem a bomber just as he falls a level. When these lems get to ground level, make the first a blocker. Make 2nd to last water lem a blocker at ground level on metal. Last but one can bash through to free the others. Blow up 'water blocker' and nuke the remaining blocker.

Level 5.3 Seargent Bash
Needed - 10/20, Saved - 18

Bash through both 1-way walls and also the large wall. You may lose 2 or so to the shredder.

Level 5.4 The Crowded House
Needed - 5/10, Saved - 9

Dig down, making second lem going right a blocker to hold the rest back. Build a bridge under the hole for the others to fall on, then bash through 1-way wall going right. As soon as the wall is breached, build 3 times up to next level. Dig down, then dig down halfway through the next level and bash. Build up to balloon and blow up blocker.

Level 5.5 One Way Ticket
Needed - 40/50, Saved - 49

Dig down, then make a climber/floater go right. Build over the tank, then back again and bash the 1-way rock. Dig down on the right after the tank and bash through rock. Mine through the thin floor. Build twice up to the metal wall, starting on the very edge of the tenth step down, then again up to next level. Bash through wall. Build up and use a bomber to make a hole in the ledge, so they can now reach the balloon.

Level 5.6 Swings Both Ways
Needed - 16/20, Saved - 16

Make blockers on each side as they drop down, then bash through 1-way rock. Put blockers after each basher. When bashers drop to next level, build up to ledge. They will pass each other. Make them floaters. Half way up each incline, bash so that they turn around. At the bottom of each incline, build 2 or 3 times up to the wall. Bash through bridges and 1-way walls. Blow up blockers to release the rest. Nuke last 2 blockers.

Level 5.7 Wandering Free
Needed - 10/20, Saved - 19

Make lem 1 build up over the tank, make lem 2 a blocker. Dig down right at the end of the platform. When half way down, build up to metal. Bash through the wall and build over the tank. Dig down each level and bash through the wall, build over the tank and bash again. Blow up blocker.