7th August 2000 - Lemmings Revolution Walkthrough

Sorry about the increasing lengths between updates. I assure you however, that I am working on this page extensively offline.

For those of you who are having trouble with Lemmings Revolution, relax! Lem.Net nows hosts a walkthrough of the game written by Sally Cort!

To view this walkthrough, visit the Solutions page or go directly to the walkthrough!

I'll do my best to update more often in the future!

7th May 2000 - YOUR input needed!

As I said last update, I am working on a new Lem.Net site structure/design. Lem.Net is hosted for free by Tripod, so I am required to show some form of Tripod advertising, which at the moment is in the form of popup banners. Tripod also have an option for embedded advertisements instead of popups, which are automatically instered at the top of every page. (see example here) The signifigance of this? The new site will not be a frames site, like the current one, which makes embedded advertisements an option. At the moment, because embedded ads would place an ad at the top of every frame, they are not an option. I see advantages and disadvantages for both forms of advertisement, so I'm asking YOU, the reader what you would prefer. For the new site, would you prefer an ad at the top of every page, (like at Rhapsodion's Celine Dion Page) or for Lem.Net to continue to have popups. (note on popups: because this is a frames site at the moment, every frame generates a popup. The new site would have only one popup per page, instead of the 5 or so you see when you enter The LemNet Chronicles currently)

Please tell me whether you'd prefer popups or embedded adds for the new site! The information collected will help me decide which form of advertisement to take up with the new site.

In the form of Lemmings news, I have received word that Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings for Gameboy Color will be released on May 12. The cover appears to be similar to the Playstation release of the same title. This new release is not to be mistaken for the original Gameboy release (circa 1992) which features the same cover picture as in the Amiga/PC release. This new release has a new cover, is in colour & features the levels from Oh No! More Lemmings. Gameboy fans looking desperately for the original title can rejoice with this release!

4th May 2000 - 2 Years Online...

Today Lem.Net celebrates two years on the Internet! Thanks for all your support over the years. Lem.Net is proud to enter its 3RD YEAR ONLINE!!!

On a related note, Lemmings Revolution has been released and should be in stores. I have yet to see it, but have had reports of people purchasing it. More information on Lemmings Revolution will follow.

To celebrate the entry of our 3rd year online, within about a month, I will upload a totally new page, with new features, a new, easier to use structure, new information and a new design. This will merge all Lem.Net services into a single site. Stay tuned...

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