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Lemmings in November issue of PC Gamer (+ scans)
Posted: 25th November 1999 - 18.04 WST
On the 6th October 1999, The Lemmings Compendium reported that Lemmings came in at No. 25 in the PC Gamer Top 50 Games of All Time. This list was published in the November issue of PC Gamer.

As I live in Australia, it took awhile, but I finally managed to obtain an imported copy. For your pleasure, I have scanned the Lemmings entry in the Top 50 Games section, along with the Lemmings Revolution info included.

These scans are exclusive to my site. They may not be reused over the internet. The "doctoring" is intentional.

This is the page of information on Lemmings Revolution. For the parts that were blocked out by the next page.
  • The caption for the top screenshot reads

    Although the graphics in Lemmings Revolution will be in 3D, the level designs will be more like the 2D tests of the original.

  • The caption for the next picture down reads

    Sweet salvation! As in the original games, your goal is get a certain number of lemmings to the exit in a limited amount of time

    By the way, the typo "goal is (to) get" isn't mine.

  • The last column of writing reads

    searching around for the bargain-priced (less than $20) Lemmings Bundle, which includes the original games, the Oh No! More Lemmings add-on, and the not-quite-as-successful Lemmings Paintball.

This is the Lemmings entry in the PC Gamer Top 50. It was the second oldest game of the bunch (Oldest: Prince of Persia: 1989, No. 43) Red Baron, another 1991 game, came in at No. 24. Half Life was No. 1.

If you want the rest of the Top 50, purchase the PC Gamer November issue. I might consider posting a list of the Top 50 when you can't purchase the magazine anymore.

For more information on the PC Gamer magazine, please visit their website.