Lemmings Fan Sites
USENET Newgroups
  • alt.lemmings
    The USENET newsgroup dedicated exclusively to Lemmings. This is the best place to post a Lemmings related question.
  • DejaNews
    If your browser doesn't support newsgroups, DejaNews is the next best thing. It creates the posts in HTML format, along with holding a nice USENET archive. You can also search for Lemmings related messages in other newsgroups.
  • RemarQ
    Same deal as DejaNews. Only difference is RemarQ allows you to view binary posts.
Pages by People in the Lemmings Community
  • Mark Tsai's Personal Web Pages
    Mark Tsai was been heavily involved in the Lemmings community between 1990-1995. He co-wrote Lemmings: the Official Companion (see Books) and I believe he was involved in the developement of some of the earlier Lemmings games. His pages are about a few of his interests.
  • The Dorko Society
    This site is made by Peter Spada, who wrote the now illegal Copycat Lemmings. It's about Dorko, his own cartoon character.
Other Links (My Interests, Computing, etc)