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18th August 1999 - Pictures Galore!
The Art Gallery has been updated with 10 new screenshots and 3 new packaging pictures including 3D Lemmings for Sega Saturn as promised in my last update.
17th August 1999 - 3D Goes to Saturn!
Firstly, sign the guestbook and do the survey. Thanks!

I have just discovered that 3D Lemmings is also available for the Sega Saturn System. I have a picture of the Sega Saturn packaging which I will upload when I have time.

When I uploaded the new design of this page, I used up all my space. That's the reason I have updated for a while. I've recently deleted a few of the demos I have stored locally so I can do more work on this page.

Does anyone viewing this page know anything at all about the book, The 3D Lemmings Companion, other than what I have in my Books page. If so, I'd be very grateful if you'd forward that information to me.

In the Codes section, I've added a link to a site with the complete codes for Adventures of Lomax.

Does anyone know how to obtain, or owns a copy of Xmas Lemmings 1991 for the Amiga and/or Macintosh? If so, please help me!

Stay tuned to this section as I have quite a lot of new Pictures that are nearly ready to be uploaded.

30th July 1999 - We're back - and better than ever!
First of all, I would like to apologize about the amount of time my site was offline. I didn't intend the remodeling to take so long. I hope you enjoy the new information, new look and new information architectre.

Secondly. If you have linked to me, please change your links to point to Please update your favorites/bookmarks.

Here is a brief description of the changes from the old design.

  • Information incorporates Games and Books along with a lot of other info.
  • Hints contains an updated version of Solutions and Codes.
  • The Survey has been updated with some new questions.
  • I have changed the format of my Guestbook.
  • The Email Me form has been changed to this.

That's about it! I hope you enjoy the new page!

5th May 1999 - We're 1!
Today, the All New LemNet has been on the web for 1 year! To celebrate this, in the next few weeks (hopefully) I will be uploading a new design. This will feature a LOT of new information along with making the site look HEAPS better.

I also have a new URL. It is This URL will redirect you to the old address, but will allow me to painlessly switch URLs. If you linked to, or bookmarked, or, please change your links/bookmarks to

4th April 1999 - Don't you just love cheating? You can now do it in Lemmings Paintball!
I uploaded the Lemmings Paintball codes today. Sorry about the lack of updates last month. I've been rather busy lately.
22nd February 1999 - Wanna cheat in 3D Lemmings?
I uploaded the codes for 3D Lemmings. (Hopefully) soon, more codes and more solutions will follow.
6th February 1999 - The Lemmings 2: The Tribes music just got better...
I have updated the Lemmings 2: The Tribes Real Audio. Now the archive contains the following:
  • All new Real Audio 5 files for all 12 tribes
  • The old Real Audio 2 files for the Circus and Medieval Tribes
  • The Main Menu music in Real Audio 5 format.
All this comes together with a total of 15 Real Audio files!. Download all the Lemmings 2: The Tribes Real Audio files in one .zip archive.

To play these files you will need to get Real Player from
Real Networks
1st February 1999 - You can now cheat in Christmas Lemmings 1992
I uploaded the codes for Xmas Lemmings 1992. As with other codes, these are in the Codes section.
31st January 1999 - Learn more about The Lemmings Chronicles Official Strategy Guide
I have uploaded some more information about 'The Lemmings Chronicles - Official Strategy guide'. Check this out in the Books section.
26th January 1999 - Download problems resolved - and more...
I have had several reports of problems downloading the Amiga demos of Xmas Lemmings 1992 and Lemmings 2: The Tribes so I have uploaded of copy of each to my server. Check the Downloads section to get these!

I have added a new section to the page, Books. This section gives information on the five lemmings books along with (when possible) a cover scan & ISBN. Soon I will be adding more extensive information about each book.

I removed the 'User Forum' because of troubles converting the CGI to the new design. If I have time I might try to set it up again.

For those who want Lemmings & Oh No! for Windows 95 and don't want to buy Paintball, I have a solution. In Australia (I don't know if it's available anywhere else) Lemmings & Oh No! for Windows 95 have been released on CD-ROM by Double Vision. This CD costs $20 Australian.
16th January 1999 - At last: another update
I haven't updated for a while, so this update is rather big.

I added links to Lemmings for 6 different platforms in the downloads section. Now along with the DOS demo, you can now download the Lemmings demo for Windows 95, Commodore 64, Sinclair, Amiga, Macintosh and OS/2.

I added a new link to the Links section. The Lemmings Continent is a great site that is well worth looking at. It provides some great Lemmings art along with some information. This site's aim is for Psygnosis to make another Lemmings game that has more depth than the previous ones.

I also found a site, that says Lemmings could be a problem for AI work. Take a look at this site for more details. This site has also been added to the Links section.

I am working on some more music to make available in MP3 or Real Audio. Check this section to find out when they're ready.
1st January 1999 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!!!

Have a successful and happy 1999!
25th December 1998 - Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas!

For a lemmings christmas, download one of the following:

1. Xmas Lemmings 1991
2. Xmas Lemmings 1992
3. Holiday Lemmings 1993 (Demo)
4. Holiday Lemmings 1994 (Demo)
15th December 1998 - New demos!
Quite a few new items this update...
  Two new downloads in the Downloads section

    1. Save the Lemmings / Covox Lemmings
    2. Oh No! More Lemmings Demo for PC

  Four new downloads locations for Lemmings 3D demo

  A new link in the links section.
    The World of the Lemmings is a comprehensive source for info on Lemmings for
    all major platforms.
12th December 1998 - Xmas Lemmings 1992 and LemEdit
I have found an Xmas Lemmings 1992 for the PC! Download a copy this Christmas. And now thanks to VTM Software Company there is a PC Lemmings level editor. Download it in the OTHER section of the downloads section.
6th December 1998 - The Windows 95/98 Desktop Theme is here
A Christmas present to all the users of The All New LemNet! The Lemmings Windows 95 / 98 desktop theme is finally available. Download a copy to have a Lemmings desktop this Christmas.
12th November 1998 - A new design...
A big revamp this update!  Lemnet is now The All New LemNet and has been redesigned to look different to any other Lemmings page on the Internet. Please tell me what you think of the new design by email.  (
4th November 1998 - Windows 95/98 theme is coming!
Sorry I couldn't update much last month. I'm currently working on a Lemmings Win95/98 desktop theme. That's why I haven't updated. I hope to have it finished within a few days.
As last time, please sign the Guestbook before you leave.
4th October 1998 - Email me more effiently!
I improved the Email Me! (5-3-1999: page discontinued) utility so instead of using mailto:it points to a Tripod mailing script. This will make it a lot more efficient than it currently is.
28th September 1998 - The LemNet User Forum
I added another useful feature today, the User Forum (5-3-1999: page discontinued). This is a WWWBoard that acts like a Newsgroup. Please, take advantage of it. 
27th January 1999 - Announcing the... GUESTBOOK!
Today I added the Guestbook. Please sign this before you leave.
22nd September 1998 - Some more Real Audio
Some new Real Audio files this time. Both of the files are from Taxing in Original Lemmings. The files are

1. Music from Taxing 15: What an Awesome Level
2. Music from Taxing 22: Come on Over to My Place

As noted above, the files are in Real Audio Format, and to play them you will need to get Real Player from
13th September 1998 - The links section got bigger - and so did the Paintball information page
I added another links to the Links section and updated the Paintball information page.
8th September 1998 - A bigger, better, links section
I added another link to the Links section along with improving it's design.
7th September 1998 - Lots of links
I added quite a few new links to the Links section. I recommend taking the time to visit these sites.
30th August 1998 - Hints get more hints
I updated the Hints section, with several lists of codes and changed some the logos for Lemmings 2: The Tribes and All New World of Lemmings. I also added a logo for Xmas Lemmings.
28th August 1998 - More information on the Lemmings Chronicles
The information page for All New World of Lemmings / The Lemmings Chronicles has been updated. As with all information pages on the various lemmings games, go to the games section.
26th August 1998 - You can now learn more in the Games section
I updated quite a few things around the site today. I have a new main page for the'Games' section and information pages for Oh No! More Lemmings, Xmas / Holiday Lemmings and Lemmings 2: The Tribes have been updated.

Thanks to all the people who have signed the survey, it is very helpful.

8th August 1998 - And you thought there were enough demos?
Today I added another four demos to the downloads section

They are
1.  Lemmings 2: The Tribes
2.  Lemmings
3.  Xmas Lemmings 1991
4.  The Lemmings Chronicles

12th July 1998 - Real Audio music + the Holiday Lemmings 1993 demo
I added four new things to the downloads section.

1. Holiday Lemmings '93 Demo
2. Music from Holiday Lemmings
3. Music from Lemmings 2: The Tribes
4. Music from Oh No! More Lemmings

The music is in Real Audio format. The player is available from

I also made several modifications around the site.

6th May 1998 - A small (but noticeable) change
I changed the What's New? section slightly.
5th May 1998 - The counter
I added the Counter (by LE FastCounter) to the page and added a link to LE FastCounter in the Links.
4th May 1998 - The first day online...
Finally I got around to make these pages ready for uploading.  I currently have a survey which I will fill in.  If lots of people sign, and it becomes to much to fill in results I will dissolve it.