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Posted: 24th December 1999 - 9.54 WST
As it's Christmas Eve, I thought I'd give you all a Christmas present, to thank you for visiting this page.

As some people might know, in original Lemmings, Tricky Level 21 is different on the Macintosh (Going their Separate Ways) as compared to the Amiga/PC (All the 6s...) versions.

So in other words, if you're the ultimate Lemmings fan, you have to have both systems and both versions. OUCH! EXPENSIVE!

Thanks to LemEdit (VTM Software) and the Official Lemmings Companion I have created this level to run on the PC version of Lemmings.

So now you can Download Going their Separate Ways for the PC!

Once you've downloaded the level, to run it, follow the instructions depending on whether you have the Windows or DOS version of Lemmings.

DOS | Windows

DOS Version

  • Download LemEdit from VTM Software
  • Copy your Lemmings game files onto your hard disk.
  • Unzip the LemEdit .zip file and copy the results into the directory you placed your Lemmings game files. Copy the file "gtsw.lvl" from the file into this directory as well
  • In Windows Explorer, right click on the file LEVEL000.DAT. At the bottom of the resulting dialogue box, go to the "Attributes" field. Make sure "Read Only" is NOT SELECTED. Press "OK".
  • Open LemEdit. Select "Files". Select "Load Level from Pack". Type LEVEL000.DAT. Select All the 6s.... Select "Files". Select "Save Level Directly". Save the level as whatever you want (eg: at6.lvl).
  • Select "Files". Select "Load Level Directly". Type gtsw.lvl. Select "Files". Select "Store Level in Pack". Type LEVEL000.DAT. Select "All the 6s...". Select "Replace". Exit LemEdit
  • The level, Going their Separate Ways now replaces All the 6s.... To undo these changes, repeat the above procedure switching around at6.lvl / All the 6s... with gtsw.lvl / Going their Separate Ways.

Windows Version

  • Copy your Lemmings for Windows files onto your hard disk. On the Paintball CD-ROM, this is the folder WinLemm.
  • In Windows Explorer, open the folder that was WinLemm on the Paintball CD. From there, go to the folder Level and from there Orig. Rename the file LVL0005.LVL to LVL0005.LVL.OLD.
  • Copy the file gtsw.lvl from the to [path of WinLemm]/Level/Orig.
  • Rename this file LVL0005.LVL
  • Going Their Separate Ways now replaces All the 6s.... To reverse these changes, rename the new LVL0005.LVL to LVL0005.OLD.LVL and rename LVL0005.LVL.OLD to LVL0005.DAT
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