lemmings 2: the tribes
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The Standard levels are the 120 levels which are standard in ALL versions. There are 120 of these and they're divided into 12 tribes of 10 levels each (Classic, Beach, Circus, Medieval, Egyptian, Highland, Space, Polar, Outdoor, Sports, Cave & Shadow)

All VersionsStandard

By the time Lemmings 2: The Tribes had been released, several sequels to the game, such as Oh NO! More Lemmings had been released. But Lemmings 2: The Tribes was really the first unique sequel (for more info, see The Concept, below). It was originally released for (you guessed it) the Amiga. It was then converted (as usual) to the PC and various other platforms. The original intention was to have a Macintosh version, but unfortunately, that idea never got off the ground.
The Concept
The concept of Lemmings 2: The Tribes was based on Lemmings, but vastly different. This time, there are (approximately) 50 different skills (for more information on the skills, click here). Each level had a selection of 8 of these skills. At the start of each Tribe (see above for list of tribes) you were given 60 lemmings, to use for good or bad. While playing that tribe (10 levels) at least 1 of those lemmings had to survive. Lemmings killed in one level were not revived in the next level. At the end of each level, your performance is given either a Gold medal, a Silver medal or a Bronze medal depending on the amount of Lemmings (if any) that died. Gold medals are given if you kill only the amount of Lemmings recommended by the game developers (usually 0 - 4 lemmings). Silver are given if the amount of Lemmings that died was slightly below the recommended amounted. Bronze are given for anything else. (Note: the scoring system is based on Lemmings killed per level. For example, if you killed 10 lemmings in level 1 and received a bronze medal, but in level 2 saved all your remaining lemmings, you would be given a bronze. And then, if you went back and did Level 1 again and this time save 5 more lemmings than your last attempt, your overall Lemming party would be put at 55 instead of 50) At the end of each tribe you are given either a Gold, Silver or Bronze portion of the medallion. It is necessary to get a gold piece for each tribe to successfully finish the game. Another new feature in Lemmings 2: The Tribes was 8 way scrolling. This meant levels could be as big or small as required.
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