the lemmings chronicles
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Note: The Lemmings Chronicles was distributed only in the US as The Lemmings Chronicles. In the rest of the world, it was distributed as All New World of Lemmings
The standard levels are the 90 levels standard across all platforms. They are divided up into 3 tribes of 30 levels each (Egyptian, Classic, Shadow)

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The Lemmings Chronicles / All New World of Lemmings was the last DMA Design Lemmings game. (Shortly after the released of Chronicles / All New World DMA Design sold all the Lemmings legal rights to Psygnosis). It was also the last Lemmings game released for the Amiga. It was released December 1994 for the PC and near the beginning of 1995 for the Amiga. The manual promised the other 9 tribes would be delivered in the following months but (due to the exchange of rights, I believe) unfortunately never got delivered. These 9 tribes are sometimes refered to as 'The Lost Chronicles'. ANWOL / Chronicles never sold very well.
The Concept
Note: at various places I mention as in X (X being another Lemmings games) blah, blah, blah happens. You should look at the information page for X for more information.

The story of Chronicles is set shortly after the end of Lemmings 2: The Tribes. The Lemmings fly in the ark to an archipalego of 12 different islands. They decide to colonize an island each. In the games, you help them colonize those islands. Gameplay in ANWOL / Chronicles was drastically different from the previous versions. For some, this made the game the worst of the series and for others (like me) the best. Another advantage is the graphics and sound are drastically improved. This makes just looking at a level more interesting. At the start of each tribe you are given 20 levels. In EVERY level it is possible to save EVERY lemming. Like Tribes, at least one lemming must survive the tribe. (Although, 1 is a VERY POOR RESULT) The Lemmings are not replenished. Like Tribes again, the statistics are rated in loss of lemmings. (So you can redo a level and have the Lemmings saved added to your party) You are given 5 skills in Chronicles, each of which you have an unlimited amount of. (For more information on these see the Lemmings Chronicles / ANWOL skills information page) In brief the skills are walker/turner, blocker, jumper, use tool and drop tool. Located in the level will be various tools. These are bomber, grenade, sucker (AKA climber) shimmiers (AKA roof climbers), hadoken, spade (makes up for basher, digger, miner & fencer) bag of bricks (enhanced option builder), swimmer, floater and clock. As with the skills, these are summed up in the Chronicles / ANWOL skills information page. So as you see, in Chronicles the skills merely assist the use of the more important tools.

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