game information

Standard Levels are the 120 levels in the PC version of the game, which are divided into 4 categories, Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem.

The standard levels are present in all versions of the game not stated below
The 2 Player levels stated below are standard across all versions of the game

AmigaStandard + 20 2 Player Levels
Atari STStandard + 20 2 Player Levels
Super NintendoStandard + 5 Level 'Sunsoft' Category + 20 2 Player Levels
Sega GenesisStandard Fun & Tricky Levels + Unique Taxing & Mayhem Levels + 2 Unique 30 level categories, Present & Sunsoft + 20 2 player levels
Nintendo Gameboy100 of the Standard Levels, divided into 4 categories of 25 levels each
MacintoshStandard Levels with one exception - Level 21 in Tricky is a totally new level which is exclusive to the Mac
Windows 95All Standard levels that don't feature 'special' graphics.
Sony Play StationAll Standard levels that don't feature 'special' graphics.

Lemmings was released for the Amiga in February, 1991. Because of it's large success, it was released for the Atari ST in March 1991 and in May 1991 for MS-DOS. After that it was converted to over 20 different platforms in the following two years. To show how much Lemmings lived in 1995 it was released for OS/2, in 1996 it was released for Windows 95 and in 1998 it was released for Sony Playstation.
The Concept
The concept of Lemmings is simple. Heaps of stick like, green and blue figures fall into a level, which is made up of heaps of obstacles. You must assign various skills to the lemmings so they can get to the level exit. How many Lemmings get to the exit depends on whether you get promoted to further levels or if you have to try a level again.
For pictures of the Lemmings packaging for most platforms, look in the Packaging Pictures section.