lemmings paintball
game information

Standard levels are the 102 in the Windows 95 (only) version of the game. There are 25 Fun levels, 26 Tricky levels, 29 Taxing levels and 22 Mayhem levels.

The game also included Windows 95 versions of Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings.
Windows 95Standard

After the limited success of 3D Lemmings in 1995, Psygnosis changed several things about the Lemmings saga. Firstly, the contributors. Visual Sciences made Lemmings Paintball, along with converting Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings to Windows 95. Secondly, the OS. Paintball was the first non-DOS PC release, as it was released for Windows 95 only. Thirdly, and most importantly, the concept - the Lemmings Paintball concept is totally different to the previous versions. (See below for more info) Despite these "great" changes, Lemmings Paintball was not successful, and stores quickly stopped stocking it. In Europe & Australia, it was quicklt released under the Argentum Collection label (a Psygnosis budget label). To encourage people to buy it in the US, 3D Lemmings is now included in the package.
The Concept
Lemmings - cute, harmless... Think again. In this all new Lemmings "adventure" Lemmings becomes a capture the flag game. At the start of each level you are given up to 4 lemmings and there are up to 4 flags to collect (a Lemmings can only collect 1 flag). Your job is to capture the flag - easy right? No. You have to control elevators, balloons, etc to get to the flag. And then there are enemy lemmings. Your lemmings are blue and they are red. You have Paintball guns to shoot them (so do they, unfortunately). If they shoot you first, bye bye to one of your Lemmings. There are no limit to the number of enemy Lemmings in a level. There is also a 2 player mode for use on networks and over the Internet. I have not tried this, there may or may not be extra levels designed for this mode. Overall, the only thing really 'Lemmings' in Lemmings Paintball is the word in the title.
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