oh no! more lemmings
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Both the standard 1 Player and 2 Player Levels are present across all versions that feature them. There are 10 2 Player levels and 100 1 Player levels divided up into 5 categories of 20 levels each (Tame, Crazy, Wild, Wicked, Havoc).

AmigaStandard 1 Player & 2 Player levels
Atari STStandard 1 Player & 2 Player levels
Windows 95All Standard 1 Player levels that don't feature 'special' graphics.
Sony Play StationAll Standard 1 Player levels that don't feature 'special' graphics.
All not stated above (including PC)Standard 1 Player Levels

Oh No! More Lemmings was released in 1991 after the success of Lemmings. It's first incarnation was as an add-on pack for the Amiga. This meant that to play Oh No! More Lemmings you had to insert the Lemmings original Amiga disk before it would allow you to play. Later on it was released as a stand alone version for Amiga and a few of the platforms Lemmings had been converted to (including Macintosh & PC). When playing the game though, it is rather obvious that the first incarnation was as an add-on pack. The Tame levels are far too easy, and then BANG, Crazy. The levels go from extremely easy straight to mildly difficult. You were expected to play and master Lemmings before taking on Oh No!. Despite this, I personally prefer the Oh No! level styles over Lemmings. Overall, Oh No! is fun, though you should play Lemmings first.
The Concept
Same as Lemmings, but with different object styles.
For pictures of the Oh No! More Lemmings packaging for most platforms, look in the Packaging Pictures section.