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Dedicated to Psygnosis' ultimate series of Lemmings games!

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I appreciate any feedback or questions you have for me. To cut down my load of email I have introduced these rules to make things easier for both me and the sender. Emails that break these rules may not get a reply.

The following rules apply to all emails you send me

  • Before sending me an email, please look around the site to see if your question is answered somewhere in the site. My most frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ. I put my site up so as many Lemmings questions as possible are answered.
  • I do NOT provide illegal copies of Lemmings games (or any other game). This includes, the now illegal Copycat Lemmings by Peter Spada. In the FAQ purchasing locations for ALL lemmings games for PC are provided. Continual emails of this sort are considered spam and all spam is reported.
  • Do NOT send me attachments! If you want to send me large files, please notify me first
  • Do NOT send me download locations for illegal copies of Lemmings games to add to my downloads section. This site only has legal content. If I am not sure about some content's legality, it is not put on my site. Continual emails of this sort are considered spam and all spam is reported.
  • Please don't send me email saying my site hasn't been updated for a while. It cannot be magically updated. Work is required for each update.
If you agree to these rules you can email me at

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