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Dedicated to Psygnosis' ultimate series of Lemmings games!

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The LemNet Chronicles (Lemmings Information)
The LemNet Chronicles is Lem.Net's primary site for Lemmings information. This site has a survey, information, pictures, downloads, links and a guestbook. In other words, everything you could possibly need on Lemmings!

Lemmings Guide to Shopping - COMING SOON!
The Lemmings Guide to Shopping, when finished, will list shops all around the world, online and offline that sell Lemmings products, along with briefly reviewing shops I've purchased from.


Lemmings Mailing List - COMING SOON!
Very soon, Lem.Net will launch an email mailing list dedicated to Lemmings!


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I have no relation to Psygnosis, DMA Design or any other company involved in the developement of Lemmings.