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celebrating a decade of
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To help celebrate a decade of Lemmings, Lem.Net has created a graphic in which we are encouraging all websites, Lemmings and otherwise to display. It aims to symbolise the unity of the Lemmings fans with previous games (collage of the game artwork in the background), yet show a desire to go forward, with new ideas (the Lemmings Revolution walking lemming).

To help show unity among Lemmings fans and to celebrate this special event, please display one of the below graphics on your website. A link back to Lem.Net ( would be nice, but is not compulsory.

white background
White Background (.JPG)

black background
Black Background (.JPG)

transparent background
Transparent Background (.GIF)

Please right-click on the image you require, save it to your hard disk and upload a copy to your own server for use on your website(s). Unfortunately, Tripod don't allow images on their servers to be accessed from servers outside Tripod.

These graphics are Copyright 2001 Lem.Net. You are allowed to download these graphics and use them on your website(s). You may resize them as necessary for your page's design but you may not redistribute them. There is no need to credit Lem.Net for these graphics (however that would be nice) yet you may not claim the above graphics as your own.

NB: all other content on the Lem.Net site is Copyright 1998-2001 and may not be redistributed for use over the Internet.


Lem.Net is a FAN SITE. I have no relation to Psygnosis, DMA Design, Take 2 Games or any other company involved in the developement of Lemmings.

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