The demos are provided "as is". I cannot support them in any way. If you have a problem, either post in the Lemmings newsgroup or ask at Psygnosis. You may wish to look in Technical Information which provides a bit of minor technical help that might assist you.

The music files are provided "as is". They have been tested, worked and therefore if they don't work, I assume it is a problem of yours.

The other downloads are provided "as is". I cannot support them as I have tested them and therefore can only say it is a problem of yours if they don't work.

Download Locations & Reliability
There are usually quite a few download locations for each file. When possible, I recommend downloading from The LemNet Chronicles because I know my server is pretty reliable and the locations are correct. I do not know about the other locations.

If you find a broken link anywhere, please email me and tell me where the broken link is and I will try to fix it.

What you require
When browsing The LemNet Chronicles it is recommended you have the following software.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
    This page was designed for, and looks best in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. If you want to have the best experience at The LemNet Chronicles, it is recommend you use this.
  • Netscape Communicator 4.x
    If you can't get Internet Explorer for some reason (operating system, etc) or don't want it, Netscape Communicator is the next best thing. This page still looks excellent in Netscape and Netscape is available for quite a few more platforms than IE.
  • Real Player 5
    Most of the music is in Real Audio format, so you must get Real Player to play it. You will require at least Version 5 but if you have the requirements of G2, get G2 instead.
  • A .zip Utility, I recommend Zip Magic
    Most of the files in this section are zipped, so getting a .zip utility such as Zip Magic is essential. In my opinion, Zip Magic is the best .zip utility. Why? Because of the way it turns .zip archives into folders. In other words, a .zip file is treated like a folder, and therefore, allows you to use .zip files like folders. Zip Magic also allows you to unzip most of the other file formats found in this section.