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This month, February 2001 marks a decade since Lemmings was released for the Amiga (February 1991)*. Since then, Lemmings has spawned numerous sequels and has become one of the most popular games of all time.

The Lemmings series of games shows the progress of digital gaming technology over the years. From first offerings running on now obsolete technology to the modern, resource intensive Lemmings Revolution, each Lemmings game has taken advantage of the latest technologies of its time, always delivering a unique, yet familiar experience.

To celebrate this almost historic even, sometime this year, a new version of Lem.Net will be launched, the 7th generation version. Below are two preview screenshots of what's to come, showing different areas of the new Lem.Net site codenamed "Lem.Net 7".

Screenshots & Original Graphics Copyright 2001

Yet until the amazing new Lem.Net 7 is online, the slightly older Lem.Net 5** will remain online and can be accessed below.


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Lem.Net is a FAN SITE. I have no relation to Psygnosis, DMA Design, Take 2 Games or any other company involved in the developement of Lemmings.

* Lemmings was released for the Atari ST in March 1991 and for MS-DOS in May 1991.
** Lem.Net versions 2 & 6 were developement samples that never got past the planning stage.

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