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2nd October 1999 - Psygnosis halts the production of Lemmings Revolution
For Lemmings Revolution fans out there, I have some bad news. This news was personally emailed to me by a well-informed source at Psygnosis. Lemmings Revolution is three months from completion, yet on the 29th Septebmer, Psygnosis halted the production of it. So it looks like it will never hit stores. Below, I quote from the email my source sent me:

At the end of your page on Lemmings Revolution is the line: "Lemmings Revolution might be made into a full PC CD-ROM. Who knows?"

Well, I do. Psygnosis halted production of Lemmings Revolution as of yesterday (29/9/1999). The full game would have featured (in fact does feature, we're only 3 months from completion):

- 20 themed backdrops (featured in the demo was the underground cavern)
- 100 levels (boy, are there some great ones)
- Over 20 new traps
- A level editor bundled with the game
- Bombs
- Electrified cables
- New 9th skills: trampoline, metal builder, rocket bomber, cartwheel bomber, speedup, slowdown and anti-gravity
- Kick-boxing rats
- Shark infested custard
- Lemmings music
- Switches and levers that lie half-way across platforms (true 3D gameplay!)
- Introductory and reward FMV sequences.

As I'm sure many people will be, I'm quite disappointed. I'm praying Psygnosis will change their minds. (Out of courtesy to my contact, I am not giving away his email address)

Logically, my page on Lemmings Revolution has been updated with this information.

If you've visited Psygnosis UK's Website in the last few days, you'll notice they've changed to a new look. I don't think it's too bad, IMHO, there is too much Java and not enough content.

The Links section has been updated.

I've added a compilation to my Compilations page, along with some catalogue numbers.

I've put a Disclaimer on the bottom of this page.

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